About AFX

Absolute FX (AFX) provides entertainment technology, technical services and special effects to theme parks, attractions, visitor centres, museums, science centres, shopping malls and other leisure and entertainment destinations. We have also provided special effects for motion pictures, TV commercials and live events. We are headquartered in Singapore, with a Malaysian office, and provide our services world-wide.

AFX was established in Singapore in 1995, and has since gained a reputation for providing world-class professional services and solutions to the entertainment industry across Asia and beyond.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Audio systems

  • Video systems and displays

  • Show control systems, animated figure controllers and ride-show supervisors

  • Physical and environmental special effects, such as fog, rain, spritzers, wind, scent, fire etc.

  • Show Action Equipment (SAE), such as lifts, doors, turntables etc.

  • Custom software, including controllers, interactive media, design software etc.

We can provide a wide range of services in these areas, from concept development, consultancy and schematic design, through to turnkey build, installation, programming, and maintenance.

In particular we have extensive experience in designing, building and installing audio, video, special effects and controls technology for theme park rides, including on-board audio and video systems for ride vehicles.


Absolute FX Pte Ltd
81 Tagore Lane,
#02-07 Tag.A,
Singapore 787502

Phone: +65 6522 2214